Acoustic Guitars- as of June 20/24

A&L Roadhouse w/PU $829

A&L Roadhouse Parlor w/ Q-Discrete  $879

Art & Lutherie Legacy 12 string $969

Art & Lutherie Americana CW $899

Alvarez Masterworks MF60 OM  $999

Alvarez AF30CE  $489

Alvarez AD60L Left-handed $559

Alvarez RF26CE  $399

Alvarez AP66SHB $619

Alvarez AG60CEAR $929

Epiphone Hummingbird Pro $649

Epiphone “Inspired by Gibson” J-45EC $1089

Gretsch Alligator round-neck resonator $749

Ibanez AAD50CE $419.99

Ibanez AEG70  $559.99

Ibanez Artwood AW54 OPN $321.99

Ibanez AC340 OPN $461.99

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Larrivee D-44 Legacy $3019

Larrivee D-40R $2679

Larrivee OO44R $3359

Seagull S6 Cedar Original Slim $829

Takamine GY93E New Yorker $999.99

Seagull Coastline Momentum $1099

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Seagull Maritime SWS GT w/ Electronics $1249

Takamine GN75CE $999.99