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A huge selection of your favorite songbooks meets you as you walk into Mingo Music.  Whether you’re looking for today’s top hits, or perhaps some golden oldies, we have something for every musician.  Also, we order regularly from every major publisher, so you won’t have to wait forever for hard-to-find requests.  Here are a few of our categories:

  • Piano Methods- all common titles, all levels, and many supplementary books
  • Guitar/Bass Instruction- many levels and styles, often as book/CD packages
  • Popular Piano- Top 40 and Movie themes arranged for different levels
  • Fiddle- all the popular method books, and a large selection of tune books
  • Brass/Woodwind- instructional, plus Top 40 and Disney, for most instruments
  • Guitar Songbooks- from Alan Jackson to Led Zeppelin, we have your book.
  • “Big” Books- Reader’s Digest, Fake Books, Ultimate collections, etc.  Once you buy 1 or 2 of these, there is no excuse to say, “There’s nothing to play”.

Come in and browse; there are always new arrivals and we’ll be glad to help you track down that favorite song